Record September for NZ new vehicle sales – and 1 in 5 is electric

Despite lockdowns and pandemic-related supply chain issues causing delivery days, September was New Zealand’s second strongest month ever for new vehicle sales.

It also saw sales of electric models surging under the new Clean Car Discount, with Tesla’s Model 3 outselling Toyota’s Hilux as one in five sales went to models with some degree of electrification.

The new Clean Car Discount, which sees the Government pay a subsidy of up to $8625 for a new EV, kicked in on July 1 and saw EV sales quadruple to 1944 that month before level 4 restrictions cooled the whole market in August (see more on the feebate, plus a calculator, below).

As of September 30, there were 32,780 electric vehicles on NZ roads, according to MoT data.

Although sales surged since the feebate kicked in, that’s still well short of the 64,000 or 2 per cent of NZ’s total fleet by the end of 2021 target that the then National Government set in May 2016 as the first EV incentives were introduced – including an exemption from road user charges (which is ongoing), subsidies for public charger networks (also ongoing) and the ability to drive in T2 and bus lanes (which did not survive a short trial).

Source NZ Herald

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